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Our designer inspired finishes have been individual formulated with various size and colour pigments to create a truly natural experience in different shades of light.
Our colour range represent the ocean water in our favourite mood-setting locations from all around the world.
Our finishes throw colours that are unique and undoubtedly impressive.
When considering your swimming pool colour; the best place to start, is with our swimming pool images that are sorted by colour – alternatively a number of our clients come to us with with there inspirational images on the phone and magazines; once you have narrowed it down consult with our team and we can assist when trying to meet your expectations.


Looking for the traditional sandy beach feel that is fresh and inviting and would like to create a natural look that give the apprentice of open space.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora is world-famous for its iconic views, incredible blue lagoons, pristine white sandy beaches, and luxurious island resorts, if you are looking to create your very own resort at home Bora Bora is a fresh and inviting blue to consider.


The caribbean is home to white sandy beaches, a popular destination for all those looking to chill and if you are interested in a genuine light and bright beach feel, naturally the Caribbean is designed for you.
The lighter pool colour will reflect the sun rays from the water as well as, giving the appearance of being larger in smaller areas creating an illusion of space.


The tradition blue for all accusations, the deep blue is the classic choice, and the darker pool colours will attract and absorb the sun rays while enhance the reflective qualities of the water.


When the sun shines, this swimming pool will glow resulting in a rich blue Mediterranean feel. The result of all these factors is the clear, blue water that all mediterranean lovers will be excited about.

Metallic Karbon

Darker swimming pool colours like the Metallic Karbon will give you an ocean feel, the deeper blues reflect the pool surrounds producing a mirror-like effect, and if you like to create a sophisticated contrast in the backyard you will enjoy Metallic Karbon.
When choosing deep blues you will be less likely to notice any debris on the bottom of the swimming pool and typically the darker colours will attract and retain the heat resulting in 2 or 3 degrees warmer.

Platinum Quartz

One of the popular colours in our range, naturally reflecting a beautiful aqua colour on those summer days and creating a sophisticated modern and contemporary feel.

Tahitian Lime

Take a journey to the Tahitian West Coasts, beautiful turquoise water, for those looking to create a real tropical feel at home; then Tahitian Lime is just for you.
Natural surrounds complement turquoise water making a soft balance creating the allusion of a larger entertain area.


Want to create a look that is fresh clean clear and defiantly create open space area, the Whitehaven is the colour designed for the modern Pintrest feel of less is more.

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