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Knocking Down & Rebuilding Your Home: Why Modular Construction Is the Most Popular Solution

Do you feel like your current home can’t keep up with the needs of your family but find it hard to part with your current location? You’re already living in a quiet neighbourhood, close to work and to a good school for the kids, so why move? In other words, you like everything about the place you live in but your actual house. If renovating is not an option, you might want to consider knocking your house down and building a new one in its place as the best solution.

A knockdown rebuild project means you have the freedom to choose the exact building materials you want, and come up with a new layout that matches your spatial requirements. And if your old home wasn’t exactly energy efficient, now you have a chance to make things right. In other words, you can start everything from scratch.

However, the only downside to knocking down and rebuilding your house is that in the meantime you’ll be temporarily left without a home. To shorten the duration of the knock down rebuild process many homeowners opt for modular construction which takes place completely off-site, in a climate-controlled factory. Building a house on site takes approximately 9 – 18 months and is influenced by factors such as weather delays and tree removal. In comparison, a modular house is not faced with any delays and can be constructed, installed and completed in about 12 – 14 weeks.

With that being said, the knock down rebuild process involving modular construction can save you money on renting a temporary living space for you and your family. In fact, the building of your new house can take place while you’re still residing in your old home. You may only need to relocate for a couple of weeks during the demolition of the old house and the subsequent installation of the new one. In any case, avoiding paying rent for months can mean great savings!

Another benefit of choosing modular construction for a knockdown rebuild project is that it won’t significantly disturb the serenity of your neighbourhood. The noise and dirt coming from a traditional construction site can be really frustrating to experience on a daily basis for months. But modular construction significantly reduces the amount of disturbance your neighbours will experience. This is great news as it means you won’t become the most hated person on your block.

And finally, modular homes are less prone to structural damage over time. The fact that a prefab house is entirely built in a factory means that the materials are not exposed to any weather factors and are thus less likely to develop mould or get damaged easily.