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Make your pool more attractive.

Special water features make your pool more beautiful and inviting. Features make your pool more functional as well as attractive, and they can increase the value of your home. No two pools are alike. Perhaps you want a beautiful sun shelf to create a shallow end for sunbathing in your backyard pool. You may want a waterfall to make your pool more attractive and a more interesting space for swimmers.

Why install water features?

So, why install water features? Many of them are functional as well as attractive. Sun shelves, for example, create a shallow area where people who like to spend time sunbathing can do so while staying cool in the water. Sun shelves also add an element of visual interest to your pool, and they enable you to use your pool in a variety of ways. Laminars are attractive and make your pool a water decoration while also giving you a stream of water to play in when you go swimming.

Rock Waterfall are added easily.

In most cases our team is able to add a rock waterfall to your swimming pool with little to no modifications to your existing pool. We use artificial rocks which are lighter than actual rocks, and installed using minimum masonry.

The advantage of artificial rocks are easier to maintain, less expensive, and much easier to install than actual rocks. Artificial rocks are by far the best choice for all your rock waterfall applications, as they are much lighter than actual rocks, yet stronger than concrete.

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