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When considering a swimming pool, Impossible pools will offer advice and guidance that will assist you to make the right decision that you are comfortable with.  Impossible Pools have helped many customers to select their swimming pool, ultimately your swimming pool will need to suit the property and fulfil your needs and requirements. 

The pool size will depend on a number of factors and everyones circumstances are varied.

We offer a catalogue of many sizes, shapes and designs along with, the advice when considering all of the options.

The Avanti

Considering a pool and have limited space the Avanti is designed for a narrow site. A perfect choice offering you the advantage of large swimming pool but more slender.

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The Classic

The Classic is a large and grand swimming pool suitable for those with an open living space.

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The Davinci is for those with width restriction, but still wanting the feel of a deep large pool.

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The Entertainer is designed for those who are not restricted by space, It is a large pool designed to entertaining in spacious backyard.

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The Heritage

The Heritage side entry swimming pool offering unobstructed, extra large swimming corridor for the whole family to enjoy.

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The Nirvana

Nirvana swimming pool is a great choice for those seeking a small compact plunge pool or courtyard swimming pool for their outdoor living space and entertaining area.

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The Serenity is a innovative design offering a wide swimming area to improve fitness as well as, the space to relax and entertain.

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Versace plunge pool offering a respectable width, the depth of a typical swimming pool  along with, an extensive relaxation & lounging area.

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Lap Pool

The Lap Pool is substantially longer and wider then the traditional fibreglass lap pools, offering the best of both worlds as it is wide enough to be an extra long family pool.

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The Square Spa

The Spa is cleverly designed can be added to any swimming, comfortable seating 8.

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